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Fit-for-Purpose Real World Data
Real World Data, like the patients from whom they are derived, come in all colours, shapes, and sizes. Real World Data can be EMR data from hospitals, claims data from pharmacies, patient registry data, patient reported outcomes as well as EDC / eCRF derived data from patients’ chart reviews. Each of these sources have explicit advantages and use, case-specific to the type and extent of data collected.
Increasingly, the critical need in evaluating RWD sources is to understand the intent and analytical goal or research question to determine whether the data have the scope and metrics needed to be effective. Data, just like an input into any effort or process, must be fit for intended purpose, and if not, may be more ineffective than good.
The discussion will highlight the variety of RWD sources, their advantages and disadvantages as well has how different sources can be combined to create a greater value than the parts alone.

Meet our speakers
Douglas Drake, MS, MBA, Senior Director, Client Solutions, Clinerion, is originally a life science researcher with a passion for digital enablement of better patient care. He has broad experience in transformative technologies, data sciences, digital healthcare and applying these to improving patient engagement and the patient journey.
Rob Staszewski, M.A., Sr. Manager, Clinical Systems & Informatics, United Therapeutics Corporation, has 17 years of industry experience working on clinical trials, both from the CRO and Sponsor perspective. At United Therapeutics, Rob has held various roles as a CRA, a Clinical Trial Manager, and a Clinical Oversight Lead. For the past five years, Rob has been managing the CTMS. Rob was also selected as part of the team that uses Remarque QRMS at United Therapeutics.


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